Almost functional

By • Oct 23rd, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

With only one month left on the time originally scheduled for Fnk’s development, I have finally enabled the big “Launch” button on the website’s home page. Clicking it will lead the visitor straight to the browser version of Fnk, and clicking on the “notes” link takes him to the launch page instead, where some notes are listed (and from where very older versions of the project can be launched).

The biggest reason for that to be made half-public is that the current version can finally be defined as almost functional. You can open and save local files, add nodes (by double-clicking), and create links between nodes; of course, the list of currently available node types is very short and you can’t even change the input/output data, and that’s why it’s not very useful after the initial 10 seconds of interface exploration. The environment is evolving on a fast pace, however; I’m confident it’ll get better and better in the coming few days, and I expect to reach a slightly functional state soon.

Of course, that’s not to say that the project ends once it’s finally handled to the college teachers for them to grade it on later November. The initial proposal was about creating the language and making its basics work; basically showing how a slightly different way of programming could be done online. However, there’s still a vast path ahead, and a lot more features that should be added in the future, once its second stage starts next year.

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