Version 0.1, build 3156

By • Nov 9th, 2008 • Category: New releases

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 3156. This update applies to the browser version of Fnk.

Nodes added:

  • Image (Image): creates Image data, which is like a bitmap (not very useful yet)
  • FromImage (Graphic): converts Image data to Graphic data
  • VideoIn (Graphic): creates Graphic data from a camera
  • Group (Graphic): groups an array of Graphics together as a single Graphic
  • SortDepth (Graphic): sorts the visual depth of an array of Graphics based on its z depth

Nodes changed:

  • Transform (Graphic): the “rotation” input connector was removed as it had no use
  • Transform (Graphic): objects aren’t grouped anymore (arrays are preserved)

Other changes and notes:

  • Fix: saving a file locally now properly locks the interface when doing so
  • Fix: saving a file locally only sets the file as unmodified after it’s actually saved
  • Fix: saving a file locally sets the new patch filename
  • Fix: improvements to how the source of nodes is read/written when saving and loading files, or copying to/pasting from the clipboard
    • Multiple connector values (data arrays) are properly written and read
    • Connector values are now enclosed by CDATA tags when writing
  • Change: improved support for old patches when loading them on a new version of the editor (just printing out errors instead of crashing the editor)
    • When loading a patch that contains the value of a connector that doesn’t exist
    • When loading a patch that tries to create a link to a a connector that doesn’t exist

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