Development roadmap

Fnk is a side project that depends on the author’s spare time; as such, it doesn’t have a development roadmap set in stone.

Its future development tasks, however, contemplate certain major aspects of the environment and its language. These aspects are divided into groups of similar features that will be worked sequentially, to allow some predictability on the update cycle.

The feature group currently being worked on is:

  • Optimization of the standalone version: use the user’s native OS UI as much as possible, proper local file reading, and other expected features normally found on desktop applications

Ideally, many other features will be worked on in the future. This list is a macro “to-do” list of sorts, and should be treated as such. Currently, feature groups that should be worked on in the future include, in no particular order:

  • Better OSX testing/adapting
  • Misc editing: link types, new panels, proper connection editing and connector value validation
  • User interface: proper modal dialogs/prompts
  • Web capabilities: server-side saving/loading/sharing, account management
  • Language extendability: sub-patch creating/editing
  • Fnk player version: embed player (for HTML pages)
  • Fnk player version: loadable SWF/SWC player (for Flash movies)
  • Proper stream support for remote content loading
  • Proper file embedding for local content loading (tentative)
  • New data type: XML features
  • Multi-user/shared editing
  • Misc graphic features
  • Misc sound features
  • Misc video features
  • User interface usage metrics through Google analytics

This list should (and will) change in the future.

Source code

Albeit Fnk is freely available, it is not currently an Open-Source project. It will be GPL’d in the future, however, as soon as the original code reaches a more mature state (and can be branched without major changes pending to its core).