Standalone version

Fnk is available for download as a stand-alone, cross-platform application that can be installed on your computer. To understand how this version compares to the browser version of Fnk, please read the comparison table.

Notice that the standalone version of Fnk runs as an Adobe Air application and, as such, you’ll need Adobe Air installed to run it. So, be sure to download and install Adobe Air prior to installing Fnk for the first time.

Please select a Fnk version below to download the installation package. The links work for Windows, Macintosh and Linux installations.

You can also download older versions.

  • Previous versions:

For the curious, there’s a changelog of sorts available as well, with notes on changes done to the more recent releases.


  • This is very much an early alpha version of the language and development environment. It has several limitations. Its current status is “slightly functional“.
  • Double-clicking a .fnk file opens Fnk, but doesn’t actually open the selected .fnk file.
  • Additional bug: Display nodes on the standard version have a different 3D focal point. Using 3D transformations on Graphic data will produce unexpected results using the standalone version.
  • Linux users on a x64 environment may have problems getting AIR to run, at least until Adobe releases the native 64-bit Flash Player. If this your case, there are some workarounds available. Ubuntu users should be aware that the solution may be simpler than it looks – I use Ubuntu x64 and I didn’t even have to go through the whole process listed, as only step 14 was necessary after a normal installation.