Different versions

The Fnk environment is available in two versions: a browser version and a standalone version.

The browser version can be accessed from this website, and requires no prior installation except for the Adobe Flash plugin.

The standalone version is a standard, downloadable application, which can be installed and executed on a computer without Internet access.

Both versions are free for all purposes and target version 10 of the Flash Player specification.

Finally, while the two versions are pretty much the same in terms of features, there are some very specific differences between the two. The table below tries to list these differences so it’s easier to pick a version to be used. Please notice that all the differences listed here are due to security restrictions applied to plugins/browsers, and are outside of the control of this project.

Feature or capability Browser version Standalone version
Requires application installation (administrative rights) NO YES
Requires Internet connection YES NO
Always uses the latest program version YES NO
(requires manual update, allows auto-update*)
User interaction
Opens local .fnk file on double-click NO YES*
Opens local .fnk file on drag to application window NO YES*
Uses native operating system clipboard when copying YES YES
Uses native operating system clipboard when pasting NO YES*
Save local file without prompts on CTRL+S/COMMAND+S NO
(prompts for filename)
Uses native operating system menu NO YES
Allows mnemonics (ALT+letter) menu activation on Windows/Linux NO YES
Fullscreen mode accepts all keys as input NO
(restricted to arrows, space, shift, and tab)

Note: entries marked with a * indicate features that are not yet implemented. They are listed here for future reference.