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Audio playback and analysis

Playing an MP3 file, reading the volume peak levels, and doing an analysis of the resulting waveform to create some visual effects.


Version 0.1, build 3879 »

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 3879. This update applies to both the browser and standalone versions of Fnk.

Flash Player 10.1 announced »

Adobe has just announced Flash Player 10.1, managing to add a plethora of new features to it even though it’s not a full new version. Of particular interest to me are the new sound (microphone) capabilities, something that could be exploited inside Fnk in a number of ways.

The Netbook Effect »

Things are slow around here while I’m preparing a more mature release of Fnk that will include changes specially tailored towards making it a better standalone application (that’ll be 0.2) and while I get my stuff together to move to another country (something that should hopefully happen in a couple of months). In the meantime, however, I’d like to point readers to this great article by Clive Thompson on Wired Magazine.