Audio playback and analysis

By • Nov 29th, 2008 • Category: Demos

Playing an MP3 file, reading the volume peak levels, and doing an analysis of the resulting waveform to create some visual effects.

Download the source file

Check the video below for an early build of this example.

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  1. love it — more please!!!

  2. Congrats for this easy Visual Programm !
    I like it, it’s easy and very funny !
    I will work on different experiments, and send it to you ….

    I want to use new Pixel Bender filter, i can’t add on my new project !!
    How to use new filter ?
    Please …


  3. Hello Marijan,

    Pixel Bender support hasn’t been added yet — it will be added shortly.

  4. blew me away about ten minutes in when you feedback the filter into the concat. really nice work man. love it.

    and Tweener is great too. it’s all I use now.