Fnk can be executed online, with no installation required. To understand how this version compares to the standalone version of Fnk, please read the comparison table.

Notice that the browser version of Fnk requires the Flash Player plugin (version 10 or newer) to be executed. If you have an older version of the plugin, it attempts to update the plugin and asks for your permission to do so.

Please select a version below to run the Fnk environment. Also notice that the browser version is always up-to-date, running the latest Fnk test version. The links work for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems.

You can also access older versions.

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For the curious, there’s a changelog of sorts available as well, with notes on changes done to the more recent releases.


  • This is very much an early alpha version of the language and development environment. It has several limitations. Its current status is “slightly functional“.
  • Many features are still missing on the editor. Because of this, many panels and menu options are either hidden or disabled.
  • Certain engine features are still being polished. This means some actions may result in low performance, almost to a complete lockdown of the engine.
  • Loading and saving files is restricted to local files. There’s no online saving or account creation functionality yet.
  • The language’s vocabulary is quite small right now. It can only do some basic number and string manipulation, plus use rudimentary graphic nodes. A lot more node types will be slowly added to it as the project progresses.