Version 0.1, build 2954

By • Nov 1st, 2008 • Category: New releases

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 2954. This update applies to the browser version of Fnk.

Features added:

  • When drawing a link, using Backspace or Delete removes the last point made (a la Photoshop)
  • When drawing a link, tooltips are properly shown on target connectors
  • Double-clicking a String or Number connector allows direct edit of its content, without the need of an additional IO Box

Nodes added:

  • + (Graphic)
  • Transform (Graphic)

Both nodes added use a tentative approach and will probably change in the future.

Nodes changed:

  • Display (Graphic): graphics are correctly removed after being unlinked from connectors

Other changes and notes:

  • Previously, the only way to start a link was to click a connector. Many people expected it to work by dragging, however. Now both clicking and dragging from a connector to another (or to the general editing area) works

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