Version 0.1, build 3528

By • Nov 21st, 2008 • Category: New releases

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 3528. This update applies to both the browser and standalone versions of Fnk.

Menu options added:

  • Insert > Node: opens the node list to create a new node
  • Insert > Comment: starts writing a comment

Nodes added:

  • GetPixel (Image): returns the RGB and Alpha values of specific pixels of an Image
  • Filter (Graphic): allows filter effects to be applied to a Graphic instance
  • Blur (Filter): a basic filter, blurs the graphic

Other changes and notes:

  • Fixed: lessons 17-20 weren’t working 🙁
  • Fixed: deleting a link carrying an Image doesn’t crash anymore
  • Fixed: IO Slider now accepts min-max values when min is actually higher than max
  • Changed: side panels are not visible and will be hidden until they’re actually useful
  • Changed: bottom panel is collapsed by default as it’s most for debugging purposes

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