Version 0.1, build 3654

By • Nov 26th, 2008 • Category: New releases

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 3654. This update applies to both the browser and standalone versions of Fnk.

This is the version that will be handed over to my college later today as support for my Fnk thesis.

Nodes added:

  • Line (Graphic): creates a line between two x,y points

Nodes added:

  • WaveGenerator (Sound): now it requires a proper Sound output (via an AudioOut node) instead of playing sound on its own
  • Text (Graphic): fixed: it now applies x and y properly
  • SoundFile (Sound): fixed: properly recognizes when it’s 100% loaded (“loaded” connector is set to 1)
  • SoundFile (Sound): fixed: MP3 files weren’t loading properly on the standalone version of the application
  • Display (Graphic): fixed: due to a crazy Flash player bug, going fullscreen with the browser version would simulate a SPACE key press (used to move the canvas). When going back to the patch, the user would be unable to continue editing unless he/she pressed SPACE again to deactivate the canvas dragging mode
  • VideoIn (Graphic): fixed: Number-based connectors weren’t allowing multiple outputs

Other changes and notes:

  • Fixed: patch nodes are properly unloaded and disposed when closed (sound-based nodes weren’t getting cleared so they’d continue to output audio even when the patch was closed)

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