Flash Player 10 in beta

By • May 15th, 2008 • Category: Other news

Adobe has just started the public beta release of Flash Player 10. This new version will be groundbreaking in a number of different ways: it allows for better dynamic sound generation, can take advantage of the GPU when composing and blitting, can do some simple 3d rendering, and can use a few other nice features that will come in handy.

The Fnk project, since the beginning, was targetting Flash Player 10, as many of its new features were already known in advance and they would play a big part in the project. I’m building Fnk’s current test versions targetting Flash Player 9, though, since it’s what we have available; near the end of the year, however, as the project comes to the end of its Alpha phase, Flash Player 10 is the one I’ll be using. It probably won’t happen until I’m building some of the most advanced nodes, though.

Edit: I did not expect this, but Adobe has made updated versions of the Flex compiler and libraries available, so it is possible to create Flash Player 10 content publicly. Perfect; henceforth, Fnk will be compiled against Flash 10 only and will require this version for execution.

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