A Pixel Bender contest

By • Dec 28th, 2008 • Category: Other news

Adobe and NVidia have partnered up to create a Pixel Bender contest: write Pixel Bender shaders (for three different categories) and win hardware prizes. There’s more information at John Nack’s blog too.

While Fnk doesn’t yet support PB filters – right now its image filtering capabilities are restricted to the lone Blur filter node – it’ll do so in the near future (it has always been part of the plan since Fnk was born), and this is a great opportunity to learn the platform. HLSL/GLSL pixel shader programmers will already feel right at home, and will also be contributing to something that can be used by a majority of people later (in After Effects, Photoshop and many others), not just by programmers in some OpenGL or DirectX environment.

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