Version 0.1, build 3242

By • Nov 11th, 2008 • Category: New releases

Fnk has been updated. The new version is 0.1, build 3242. This update applies to the browser version of Fnk.

Features added:

  • Help system: by selecting a node and pressing F1 (or going to the contextual help menu item), Fnk opens an internal patch with explanation and examples of how to use that node. Not all nodes have example content yet, however

Menu options added:

  • Help > Contextual Reference: opens the selected node’s help patch, when available

Nodes added:

  • Concatenate (Array): sticks one or more objects or arrays of any type together to create a new, bigger array – this node will probably have to be changed a little in the future to avoid trying linking arrays of different types together, so it’s a bit for testing purposes
  • ModRange (Number): like Mod (Number), but with minimum and maximum values allowed
  • Abs (Number): returns the absolute value of a number (negatives become positives)
  • Map (Number): maps a value from one numeric range to another numeric range

Nodes removed:

  • Merge (Graphic): this node was inconsistent with the overall design of the language so it was removed. Instead, developers should use a Concatenate (Array) node to bundle different graphics together, and then a Group (Graphic) node to transform a Graphic Array into one single graphic object if so desired

Node help/reference added:

  • + (Number)
  • – (Number)
  • Display (Graphic)

Other changes and notes:

  • Change: improved support for old patches when loading them on a new version of the editor (just printing out errors instead of crashing the editor)
    • When loading a patch that tries to create a node with a class that is not found or not supported anymore, the node is just ignored
    • When loading a patch that tries to create a link to/from a node with an id that is not found, the link is just ignored

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