Painting with Fnk

By • Nov 15th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

As Fnk is supposed to be used for interactive projects too, one feature missing until recently was the ability for the patch to interact with the user in some way. Albeit quite limited for now, some interactivity is finally available by way of mouse inputs on Display nodes.

This video showcases interactivity through by reading the mouse state continuously and updating the Display node accordingly. It also uses the Display output itself to compose a new image; on each frame, the patch is adding the new graphics on top of the current Display content, then showing it again. The result is a bit crude, but indicative with what is possible by simply knowing the mouse input state.

The new Checkbox and Slider input nodes are also shown. Check the update logs to see what was changed recently.

As always, the source for this patch – and others – is available here while I don’t add the ability to load online files.

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