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One-week wind down

By • Nov 5th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

Although I’ve been making nearly daily updates to the online version of Fnk until a few days ago, this week I’ll be taking it a bit easier with no updates as I spend some time focused on writing the final project paper instead.

Another day, another bunch of features added

By • Oct 30th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

Eventually, I’ll add some more polished remote loading features to Fnk, so that more generic files such as gallery demos, examples and tutorials can be easily loaded. In the meantime, I’m playing with it locally to decide on what to build, and creating videos so it’s easier to explain to people what the project is about.

Holy noodle, it sort of works now

By • Oct 27th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

In addition to uploading screenshots to Flickr, I have also been adding a few Fnk videos to Vimeo showing how the interface works for those folks that don’t have Flash 10 installed yet. And today I was finally able to do something that’s closer to what I expect Fnk will be able to do once it’s more mature.

Almost functional

By • Oct 23rd, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

With only one month left on the time originally scheduled for Fnk’s development, I have finally enabled the big “Launch” button on the website’s home page.

It’s getting there

By • Oct 3rd, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

The past few days have been productive, and the Fnk environment is starting to shape up quite nicely.

The three separate stages of Fnk development

By • Sep 25th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

Now that I’m concentrating my full time in this project, Fnk development has been progressing quite well. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet, but at least now I can show something to people when I explain to them what my project is about.

The Fnk development process

By • Aug 16th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

Together with writing the project thesis, the most important part on the Fnk project is doing the actual working software, that is, building the environment that I’m proposing on my thesis itself.

Getting ready for the final stage: usability testing and platform justification

By • Aug 2nd, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

I have spent all my (little) free time this past month revising the text for the Fnk thesis.

Information on GPU acceleration in Flash Player 10

By • Jun 10th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

One of the new cool features added by Flash is GPU acceleration, that is, offloading some of the rendering process to the video card and, as such, making the performance better.

The proposal stage is almost done

By • May 18th, 2008 • Category: Developer diaries

Fnk is an academic project. As such, there is a certain schedule and some tasks I have to conform to, and this includes writing a proposal paper where I outline what I want to do with Fnk, and how.